投稿者 Taro 6月 18, 2021

Hi everyone! This is like literally the first time to post a blog for a while.

So I just wanna talk about my current situation and what I’m gonna do in the new a couple of weeks which I hope it will happen, I’ll mention what it is later.

So, it is about past 2am in the morning, I’m just writing before I go to bed. I just wanted to say massive thank you for all of you who have visited my blog for the past a couple of weeks.

Actually the number of visitor has been going up little since I put my website URL in my page on Facebook I recently created for my job. This is something new thing for me to try and one of the best strategy for anyone who wants to create their platform they want a lot of people engaged with your site so I highly recommend!


I currently work for the company which is located in Singapore but can’t get there yet(covid) so work-from-home style has basically been my life these days. I think I’ll be able to go to Singapore next month.

I gotta say my job is not really easy and quite a lot of things involved I need to study but I love it! Always love to learn new things.

So I’ll keep trying to upload my page as much as possible even though I’ve quite a lot gone for a while, PLEASE feel free to come in here to check if I’m still alive.

See ya:)

投稿者 Taro



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